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Karolina 21 lat

My name is Karolina and I am 21 years old. I suffered from right facial nerve palsy. I got sick on February 4, 2006 and it all started with symptoms typical for tiredness such as a headache. It was an atypical headache on the right side of the head above the ear. I didn’t pay much attention, though, and I went skiing. Having come back, I lost the sense of taste, I became more sensitive to sounds, the eyelid wouldn’t fully close, and I suffered from mouth corner drooping accompanied by sudden, few-second jaw pains (something like a contraction or an electric shock). Additionally, I suffered from lacrimation, a burning sensation, feeling sand and coldness in the eye, difficulty talking, drooling, and paralysis of the forehead and nose skin. All the symptoms appeared gradually day-by-day for 3 days; the headache started 2 days earlier. I went to my GP who diagnosed me with the palsy, prescribed medicaments (injections, antibiotics and vitamins) and sent me for a consultation with a neurologist. The neurologist confirmed the diagnosis, prescribed initial medicaments and sent me for rehabilitation (electro stimulation, massages, solux, exercises). I consulted other doctors later as well.  
Within 3 weeks of the conventional treatment (injections and taking a LARGE amount of medicine), I started feeling worse and worse, I was extremely weak and there was no improvement.  Having consulted the neurologist, I was proposed a surgery which, as I was informed, carried the risk of not being 100% effective. I decided not to undergo the surgery as I was too scared of the operation itself and its side effects. 
3 weeks after the conventional treatment had started (24 February 2006) I met Mr and Ms Rozlucki for the first time. I started therapy; coming off all the medicine I had been taking. During the therapy I started feeling much better.  The first effect of the sanology treatment was regaining my sense of taste and an improvement in closing my eyelid. On the 5th of April 2006 my mouth corner started “moving”, which was a milestone in the therapy! Everything started normalizing and I fully recovered. The therapy didn’t involve any chemical medicines, or any toxic substances. It was based on mild, painless, natural methods. The treatment required a lot of work but it was worth it. I am really satisfied with the effects. 

THANK YOU!                                                                                                        MAY-2006


Piotr Płaskoń, Radwanice, February 2009

My 5-year-old daughter, Daria 
*is a sad, self-contained child with little energy
*has problems with defecation/ once for 3-5 days/
*suffers from stomach ache very often
*is ill all the time, never parts with inhalations and antibiotics
*stopped growing/ traditional medicine doctors proposed growth hormone/

Now me - Piotr 30 years old,  174 cm tall, about  85 kilos.
* I am lazy, I have problems with getting up in the morning, after work I  lie on a couch all the time 
*I frequently have stomach ache - I have strong steatosis (fatty liver). When I was 20 years old I was urgently taken to hospital in Bolesławiec to the isolation ward with a diagnose of strong steatosis with bile getting into the body and symptoms of jaundice.  
*I suffer from hypertension ( within 150/90-180/100)
*I suffer from a strong allergy - from spring to autumn I have a sore throat, I cough out acid, thick discharge, I have catarrh all the time - I never part with nose drops, my eyes sting and itch, I sneeze a lot - when I sneeze I close my eyes and when I close my eyes I don’t see and I am a bus driver so it all makes me scared of bends. I take antiallergic medicines but they don’t work, I am supposed to take injections with immunization, but I am scared of needles and I faint.  
*I have been diagnosed with bronchial asthma, it wakes me up at night, I am afraid to laugh because laughing can suddenly change into uncontrollable suffocating cough. I take inhalation medicines such as Oksis and Pulmikort
*I suffer from herpes  (even a few times a week I get a new pocket of infection on my chin, lips, forehead and in the nose)
* I come down with tracheitis a few times a year (I take strong antibiotics)
*when I stand longer than 5 minutes my shins sting and itch so I prefer to sit
*I have nightmares (I dream about accidents, dead people torn to pieces - BLOOD)

After the treatment:

*is an energetic cheerful child willing to show her feelings
*defecates everyday
*her body has finally kicked off - DARIA IS GROWING!!!
*doesn’t get ill and has 100% attendance at school

Me - for 4 years I have weighed  65 kilos
*I am healthy, full of beans, I am all over the place, I get up with pleasure
*stomach aches subsided
*blood pressure  120/80
*no allergies 
*no asthma
*no herpes
*I haven’t been ill for 5 years ( I haven’t even had catarrh)
*nightmares are gone

For 8 years I worked in a clinic and my colleagues, doctors, who had treated me, were  surprised with such a quick change in my appearance and with the fact that I had decided not to be treated by them.  They were truly interested in the method that cured me, but after a few conversations I came to the conclusion that the idea of SANOLOGY  - CLEAN MAN and leading a healthy life without pharmaceuticals is incomprehensible for them. 

My wife, Asia, supported me a lot in this non-standard, full of sacrifices diet. She made sure I didn’t lose my strong will. Seeing amazing effects of my treatment, she introduced a culinary revolution at our home and thanks to it, to her own surprise, she got rid of joint pains, arrhythmia, high pulse (about 110 beats per minute). The changes in our diet had an influence on our youngest daughter, Ola, born in February 2009 who, from the beginning, was fed according to Dr Stefan and Dr Natalia’s recommendations. Ola is 5 years old and she already knows what is healthy and what is not, what ingredients can be mixed, what is the proper order while eating and when to drink. In the kindergarten she segregates food and eats only what she considers proper. 

At the moment there is no place for medicaments at our home - we don’t need them - we don’t take them - we don’t poison ourselves!  

Thanks to Mr Stefan and Mrs Natalia, only unpleasant memories are left after our health problems. 

Bartek, 38 years old

2011 Friday  

8:00 - I was woken up by the phone ringing. Unfortunately, going to bed the previous night I left the phone on the armchair next to the bed. I don’t feel like getting out of the bed to fetch it (I weigh 175 kilos). As usually I feel sleepy and tired. I call my son to come to my bedroom and fetch me my phone. Finally, I get up (my legs are swollen), have breakfast accompanied by a portion of medicines (hypertension etc.) and leave for the weekend. 
9:00 - I still feel sleepy so I buy an energy drink at a petrol station and go on. 
9.30 - Cracow, I stop at the red light and after a moment I hear other drivers beeping horns - I’VE FALLEN ASLEEP AT THE RED LIGHT!!! I go to a petrol station again to have  5 more energy drinks.  
In the afternoon I reach my destination. I feel like doing nothing, I am exhausted. In my bed I answer the phones, surf the internet, etc. I turn down every proposal like going for a walk, cycling, playing ball with my children and friends or other physical activity, excusing myself with too much work - I feel tired all the time, I have no energy to do anything. Besides, weighing so much, I feel painful and exhausted after several dozen of steps. 
In the evening I reach for the bag with my medicaments (the children joke that my medicament bag is bigger than the mum’s cosmetic bag) and I take pills, one by one ...
In the morning as usually I wake up sleepy and tired. The friends I am spending the weekend with are sleepy as well. They inform me I can’t count on them when it comes to the next weekend trip because I didn’t let them sleep with my loud snoring and apnoea. 

2013 Friday
8:00 - At the sound of the alarm clock I wake up as fresh as a daisy. A quick shower, breakfast and then off to the gym and swimming pool - I weigh 87 kilos at present!!! 

My weight dropped to 70 kilos!!! Chronic fatigue, various types of pain, terrible snoring and apnoea, feeling sleepy - they are all just water under the bridge. My well-being changed diametrically - my family is happy for me. I am a different person now both when it comes to my appearance (people who didn’t see me for more than 8-12 months can’t recognise me in a street) and my diet. Today I am going shopping as all my clothes are too big (I’ve had to change my clothes twice for the last 18 months). 

All the changes I am writing about started on the day when I met Dr Rozlucki for the first time. 

Jadwiga M., 48 years old

I got the phone number to the clinic from my cousin who was very satisfied with the treatment methods proposed by Dr Rozlucki. Now I am satisfied as well. The ailments described below have subsided and I feel very well. The spine I had the biggest problem with  doesn’t hurt any more, I can bend down, get up quickly without any problems. I don’t remember when I felt so well last time. My therapy didn’t last long, only 6 months, and I know it’s just because I didn’t turn for help to traditional doctors who would stuff me with chemical medicaments. I don’t believe in pharmacological medicine. Thank you, Dr Stefan, so much for your help and HEALTH. 

    The ailments before the therapy:

A strong pain in the shoulders.  A difficulty to stretch which I struggled with for 2 years. When I was moving, the pain eased gradually. After the therapy, the pain subsided.  

When I was sitting, I felt pain in the legs - the strongest pain from the knees to the feet. It was gradually going down when I was moving. After the therapy the pain subsided.

Stomach ache with flatulence 10-15 minutes after the meal. Presently, no stomach ache.

Frequent pressure, the feeling of pressure on the breastbone with breathlessness (about once a month) lasting for about 15 minutes. Breathlessness and pain disappeared. 

The pain at the back of the head radiating to the eyes accompanied, from time to time,  by vomiting. I had the headaches for 10 years 3-4 times a week. I have had no headache since the therapy. 
A bump on the right arm near the wrist. It disappeared totally! 

Insomnia after 1 am. A difficulty to wake up in the morning - I get up at 3am. 
After the therapy I sleep soundly, I don’t wake up at night, I get up as fresh as a daisy. 

Pain in bones after I wake up - subsided. At present I jump out of bed full of energy. 
Near the right eye two small nodules under the skin in the size of about 4-5 millimetres -  the nodules decreased significantly although they’re still visible. 

The feeling of stabbing in the abdomen - disappeared

Severe neurosis which took me a long time to recover (up to a few years). At the moment I don’t get upset so often and I calm down much faster. 

Frequent lacrimation due to tiredness or sunlight - disappeared

Dry, cracked lips and rush subsided. Gum bleeding (while brushing teeth), bitter taste in the mouth still appear, but a lot more seldom

Mucus in the throat twice a week and from time to time hoarseness lasting 3 days - subsided.  

A hard stool every second day. At present a proper stool

I urinated 7-8 times a day including urinating at night (1-2 times). At present, it is normal

For hot flashes I used to take medicament called Climea- I came off it because I don’t suffer from hot flashes any more. 

The menopause started 4 years ago. I used to have hot flashes at night with sweating in the area of the chest, the back of the head and under the breasts. These symptoms disappeared as well

I had dark bruises on my thighs which also disappeared

At the end of the therapy I had an accident - when I was riding a bike, a car knocked me down, but I recovered very quickly and I didn’t even have any bruises. I think it was thanks to the fact that my body had been cleansed.  

Thank you, Doctor, for helping me get back to a normal life. 


Mario, 40 years old

I am 40 years old. 4 years ago I weighed almost 120 kilos and now I am 50 kilos lighter. Have a look at my photos. This change was only possible thanks to Dr Stefan and his wife, Dr Natalia. I had much too high blood pressure, problems with the liver and the kidneys. I wasn’t able to drive a car at night because I had serious problems with my eyesight. Every time I started doing a sport, I sweated terribly. I feel ashamed admitting I looked like a pig. I met both doctors by accident during my holidays. They spotted immediately that I wasn’t in a good condition and that I felt terribly with my overweight. At that time I had no idea they would help me so much. I’ve lost 50 kilos and I am really happy about it. I take no medicaments.  We applied only natural methods. My life has changed by 120 degrees. Not only am I slim, but also I am a different person now, more self-confident. I am so happy I had a chance to meet the doctors and I will always be grateful to them.


Marcin 38 years old with his son Marcinek 5 years old

I would like to share with current and future patients of your clinic a story of “miracles” which my son and I experienced thanks to you. I will start with me: my name’s Marcin and I am 38 years old; for 30 years I was treated for allergies (from airborne and food allergies to almost everything).  Additionally, from time to time, I had polyps removed from my nose. Frequent infections “treated” by “educated” doctors by means of antibiotics killed my body resistance. Two years ago, by chance, I met Mr. Rozlucki and after a few interesting discussions I managed to arrange a consultation visit. I underwent a professional blood test that is unknown in Poland and on the basis of its results an accurate diagnosis was given and an appropriate treatment was chosen, namely homeopathy.  I had, obviously, already visited all kinds of doctors, including homeopaths, but there were almost no results.  However, when it comes to Dr Rozlucki,  after a long homeopathic consultation,  I was prescribed medicaments which really worked. 2-3 months later I WAS CURED OF THE ALLERGY,  I could cut grass, stroke a dog, touch and eat things I used to be allergic to - this is a MIRACLE. 30 years of taking pills, vaccinations and, suddenly, the illness subsided in 3 months. Because my organism got “badly damaged” by “tons” of antibiotics, I still can’t enjoy perfect health, but I have, finally, found a treatment which doesn’t involve taking chemical medicaments to sooth symptoms, but which is based on a complex approach to the whole body and treats it, getting rid of the illness. 

Another MIRACLE is my son, Marcin
Marcin is 5 years old, he has developed properly and, apart from very few infections for which we never applied antibiotics, everything is ok. However, about 7 months ago quite a big wart appeared on his index finger. Doctors, of course, don’t take such things seriously and prescribe medicaments that make a wart dry and fall off. It was the case of Marcin, too. We applied such medicaments three times, but the wart kept growing back. During the next visit, a doctor burnt the wart with a laser, but it grew back in just a week. The following visit finished with sending Marcin for surgery. That was too much for me so I arranged a consultation with Dr Rozlucki and it turned out that the wart was a sign given by the organism which was communicating in this way that there was something wrong with the digestion system which could become a problem in future. Proper homeopathic medicaments were chosen and after 2 months the wart dried and fell off. There is no mark on the finger. Additionally, because Marcin is still a small child, it took a short time to find the “individual constitutional” medicine and since the therapy finished, Marcin hasn’t suffered from any infections (unless a 1-day catarrh can be considered as an infection).  

I am not writing this story to promote Dr Rozlucki as he doesn’t need any advertisement. I am writing because he really CURED me.

I wish lots of success. 

With greetings, 

                                                                                                                         Marcin Jedryka