Non-Pharmacological Treatment Methods

"The aim of a wise treatment is not to soothe ailments, but to get rid of their real cause, which, in turn, makes ailments disappear. In this way, you improve the quality of your life, regain vitality as well as physical and mental fitness. You can’t achieve all of these with one method only. Each organism is different and needs different treatment methods. In our clinic we use such methods which address the very cause of ailments you are suffering from."
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Health Education
Health education teaches patients how to monitor and optimize their own health. It seeks to provide an understanding of how the human body works, and what measures can be taken to improve overall health. Education is an essential component of the healing process, and can sometimes be more important than the treatment itself. It is important to us that patients understand the changes occurring in their bodies.
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Cleansing the Body - Detoxification
The removal of toxins and other harmful substances excreted by the body’s cells result in a number of beneficial effects: rejuvenation of the body, providing a healthy environment for body cells, a restoration of the proper balance of minerals and vitamins, an improvement of soft-tissues microcirculation, the restoration of physiological microflora in the digestive system, the elimination of fungi, parasites, and viruses, a strengthening of the immune system and its return to normal functioning.
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Gradient Vacuum Treatment - Vacuum Therapy
Negative pressure on soft tissue stimulates vascularization and accelerates the metabolism. This, in turn, causes a displacement of fat deposits, increases the permeability of cell membranes, and facilitates the discharges of wastes into the lymphatic system permitting their removal from the body.
Diet Therapy
Everyone’s body is different and, accordingly, has different needs. Therefore, maintaining peak health and physical condition requires the establishment of the proper diet formulated to each patient’s needs. It has long been known that proper diet can not only cure many diseases, but also improve several important physiological functions.
Juice Therapy
Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices provide all necessary vitamins and minerals, and provide the proper nourishment for the body’s cells. Juice therapy is an extremely effective method of cleansing the body of toxins. In addition, it assists in the restoration of health and in the rejuvenation of the body.
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Manual Therapy of Internal Organs
This is a unique method of traditional massage of the internal organs. It restores many organs to their peak levels of function, and eliminates abdominal blood vessels spasm, both afferent and efferent. Properly performed, this therapy result in both improved health and increased life expectancy.
This is a technique in which special needles are applied to particular points of the body, resulting in maximized health of the internal organs. This therapy restores and maintains the body’s correct energy balance, which is essential to the body’s overall health.
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Leech-Acupuncture Therapy
Hirudo-reflexotherapy is a form of acupuncture which involves the application of medicinal leeches (Hirudo medicinalis) to biologically active points on the human body. These leeches are placed directly on points which have a reinforcing effects upon traditional acupuncture due to active substances which are present in their saliva glands. Each corresponding to a particular point of the body, this therapy accelerates the repair system processes.
Chiropractic Medicine
Chiropractic therapy is a type of manual diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic therapy is ideal for the alleviation of many diseases of the spine and joints, and for the relief of pain caused by neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.
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Vibration Therapy
A special vibration therapy device is used. It generates vibrations at low amplitude , or "microvibrations", which have therapeutic properties. This treatment stimulates the lymphatic drainage of tissues, improves blood flow in blood vessels and ensures proper elimination foreign and toxic substances from the body.
Bioresonance therapy
This therapy uses a state-of-the-art electronic device which, by means of electromagnetic oscillations, assists in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Bioresonance therapy utilizes the resonant frequencies of various pathological factors, as well as the electromagnetic frequencies of the human body, to trigger the body’s self healing.
Laboratory Testing
Ultra-modern tests, based on the latest research, technology, and understanding of metabolic processes, are carried out upon request in a „one-of-a-kind” Belgian lab. Tests performed here allow for the identification of disease years before the appearance of symptoms and determine whether the body is sufficiently healthy to cope with certain illnesses, or if it can be deregulated, which increases the risk.
Classical Homeopathy - Austrian Method
Homeopathy is based on the subtle stimulation of the body to mobilize its own defense mechanisms necessary for the eradication of disease. Everyone’s body possesses this capability, it need only be skillfully stimulated and activated by appropriate actions. Homeopathic remedies are composed of natural ingredients (plant, animal and/or mineral).
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Health education

Health education means learning how to look after your own health. Within health education we create, for every patient we treat, an individual plan of treatments to be carried out during the whole therapy and after it.

Health education teaches all patients what to do to make their bodies function properly and how to appropriately interpret signs and warning signals our body uses to communicate with us.

Our main aim is not to treat illnesses, but to prevent them.

“Knowledge without commitment is empty, but commitment without knowledge is blind. “

Jensen 1994 Our health lies in our own hands and it depends on us to look after it.

Cleansing the Body - Detoxification

There are many various body cleansing methods starting with the simplest and finishing with the most complicated ones. They come from so many different, sometimes very exotic, parts of world. These methods promise to cleanse the whole body or its individual organs and that’s why they are applied so often by people who suffer from various ailments and who want to improve their wellbeing. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge on how to use these methods may do more harm than good.

During the lifetime, each living organism produces unnecessary or toxic substances which need to be discharged from the body as soon as possible. In each organism there are many processes and auto regulation mechanisms which are responsible for detoxification. To understand these processes, it’s necessary to learn the mechanism of toxin creation. The most common toxins include damaged cells and end products of cellular discharge. These substances are utilised by specialised immunology system cells. When body tissues are free from impurities, blood flowing through them is easily cleansed by the liver and the kidneys. Such tissues are well vascularised, which makes it possible to detoxify them quickly. However, when there are so many toxins in tissues that the liver and kidneys are not able to discharge them, the body cannot be oxygenated and the tissues cannot not nourished. The body can stock toxins for years. The constant influence of harmful outside factors makes the concentration of damaged cells increase gradually while overloading functional tissues pollutes interstitial fluid with end products of cellular metabolism. As a result, the body is forced to reduce nourishment and oxygenation of tissues and to stock damaged cells in tissues. Toxins are stocked in tissues for many years. The excess of damaged cells is transformed into a connective tissue which is characterised by a bigger resistance to harmful factors. The excess of this kind of tissue leads to premature aging accompanied by focal fibrous hyperplasia.

Nature equipped the body with organs and systems which are able to remove the aforementioned toxins. These systems include, among others, a respiratory system, a digestive system and an excretory system. The body discharges unnecessary substances also via sweat glands, saliva, skin and even teeth. If any of the systems fails, the body isn’t properly cleansed and toxins are retained and stocked in the body (systems don’t work properly). If unnecessary and toxic substances are not discharged in a proper way, their remains are discharged by other tissues, organs or systems that were not designed to do so.

Because these organs are not supposed to discharge toxins, disease symptoms such as, among others, gastritis, joint pains, cough and skin problems appear. Inflammation of the lining of the stomach is caused by bile which is discharged by inappropriately functioning gallbladder and which gets to the stomach in an excessive amount.

Hence the question follows - what causes inappropriate functioning of the gallbladder? Gallbladder contractions are regulated by an autonomous nervous system the proper functioning of which can be distorted by bacteria, viruses, toxins, etc. To heal the patient it is necessary to get rid of the very cause of the disease (not to treat the symptoms) and to regulate the proper functioning of the organ.

An increased body temperature can also be caused by an excessive amount of toxins in the organism. There are many toxic substances sensitive to a higher body temperature and that’s why, a fever without an obvious cause (infections, tonsillitis, etc.) may indicate that the body is fighting to destroy and eliminate toxins. Toxins are degraded mainly in the liver. Overloading the liver leads to hepatomegaly which is manifested by pain in the right subcostalis.

Disorders in the process of toxin removal are mainly caused by various factors (outside, ecological), infections, strong stress, exhaustion, toxic substances included in medicaments, cosmetics, food products, water, vaccinations, etc.

Gradient Vacuum Treatment - Vacuum Therapy

diseases of motor and internal organs

Cardiovascular system is an incredibly precise and complex mechanism in a human body. Its basic functions include providing cells with oxygen and nutrients as well as removing end products of metabolism, especially carbon dioxide, from cells. What’s more, it regulates the temperature of individual organs.

However, our cardiovascular system consists of not only big veins and arteries, but also of tiny microcirculation units such as capillaries which are all connected in one network. If we were to put all blood vessels in one line, it would encircle the Earth along the Equator 2.5 times! Imagine a thin thread 115 thousand kilometres long and “put” it into a human body. Additionally, all these blood vessels must function properly and regulate all processes. They need to breathe, simultaneously providing organs and tissues with beneficial substances such as oxygen and removing end products of metabolism.

Unfortunately, over the course of time, because of stress, an inappropriate lifestyle (an inappropriate diet, lack of physical activity, pollution of environment), some of the tiniest vessels constrict and close and then die. In such a case, blood needs to find a detour via bigger and wider blood vessels.

An additional difficulty which our cardiovascular system needs to deal with is that over the course of time blood vitality decreases and blood is the main carrier of oxygen and nutrients. Over the course of time blood becomes more viscous because red blood cells “get stuck” and lose their flexibility. As a result, circulation and transport of oxygen and nutrients deteriorate. It leads to improper metabolism in cells and their premature aging.

There is, however, a therapy which makes it possible to stop this process and to help the cardiovascular system function properly again. This therapy is called Vacuum Therapy. Vacuum therapy treatments on a new higher quality level solve very serious health problems connected with a blood microcirculation dysfunction. The innovative technology of the vacuum therapy includes a therapeutic and prophylactic revival of the structure and function of disordered vessel networks on many soft tissue layers. It can be achieved by affecting superficial and deep layers of the vessel network with vacuum cups of various sizes and various level of vacuum used in them. As a result, multidirectional pressure gradient appears in the affected place.

The vacuum therapy regulates all life processes, transports oxygenated blood to intercellular space, stimulates self-healing, regenerates cells and tissues. It improves blood supply, thins blood (separates clustered red cells), blood and cell oxygenation increases and, in this way, appropriate blood properties are restored. As a result of the vacuum therapy, cells and whole organs are biologically regenerated. Physiological and biochemical processes are normalized, immunity and vitality increase. A body is cleansed because cell metabolism improves and, in this way, toxins and waste are properly discharged and removed from the body. Finally, the hormonal system is regulated.

The therapy using underpressure has been known in the natural medicine for over 5 thousand years and until today it has been successfully used in surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. The vacuum therapy can be successfully carried out together with other medical treatments (including chemo and radiotherapy) and it improves greatly effectiveness of pharmacological medicaments, herbs, etc.

The vacuum therapy is successfully applied to:

  • diagnose and treat vascular disorders,
  • prevent vascular disorders - during our lifetime it is regularly required that blood is pumped properly through all vessels with the help of the vacuum therapy in order to remove negative effects of stress, an inappropriate lifestyle, etc.,
  • diagnose and treat muscle -fascia tissue damage,
  • accelerate healing of wounds (diabetic feet),
  • get rid of ailments and pain connected with the feeling of “leg heaviness”,
  • combat vascular erection disorders,
  • heal skin problems, ulcers, swellings and haematomas,
  • decrease and combat hypaemia of organs,
  • stimulate creation of new vessels and revive dead tissues,
  • regulate blood pressure,
  • prevent and rehabilitate sport injuries,
  • accelerate body regeneration, especially after physical activity,
  • relax the spine and the whole body,
  • distress and increase resistance to stress,
  • combat chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, persistent headaches and migraines,
  • combat metabolism disorders (overweight, obesity, underweight),
  • accelerate fat burning and reduce fat tissue,
  • get rid of cellulite,
  • strengthen connective tissue,
  • smoothen skin and improve its flexibility,
  • rejuvenate the body and prevent its premature aging,
  • remove toxins from the body.

Manual Therapy of Internal Organs

Every organ in the abdomen is attached to its neighbouring organs or to a bone structure (e.g. backbone, ribs) with a connective tissue network (ligaments, fascias, mesenteries). The muscle and fascia system is responsible for proper tone and elasticity of organs and their arrangement relative to one another. When the system stops working properly, one organ relocates and pulls neighbouring organs. The pathological movement of organs leads, in turn, to impairing blood supply to the organs and their innervation which results in painful ailments which patients suffer from. Blood flow disorders result from an increased muscle tension which limits oxygen supply to cells, leading to metabolism disorders and lymphatic vessels congestion.

The manual therapy of internal organs aims at restoring a proper tone, elasticity and arrangement of organs in the abdomen. The technique includes both superficial and deep palpation in order to equalize fascial tension and to place organs back in their physiological position. The goal of the treatment is to heal the very cause of pain and not to soothe it for a short period of time.

The manual therapy of abdomen, if applied properly, improves the condition of health and increases life expectancy.

Leech-Acupuncture Therapy


These are the most important compounds produced by leeches (out of 150):
  • HIRUDIN is the most well-known substance produced by the Hirudo medicinalis leech and it’s the best of all existing anticoagulants.
  • BDELLINS is an inhibitor of proteases such as trypsin, chymotrypsin and plasmin which cause inflammations and make inflammations spread in tissues. There are at least two types: bdellins A and bdellins B.
  • HIRUSTAZINE is another recently identified anticoagulant produced by the Hirudo medicinalis. It belongs to organic compounds from the antistazine group.
  • GILANTYNA has been isolated from the salivary glands of the Haementeria ghilianii leech. It is protein including a big amount of sulphur. It works as anticoagulant and a strong anti-metastatic drug.
  • APYRAZA is a strong enzyme decreasing blood viscosity.
  • EGLINS is a strong anti-inflammatory substance (an inhibitor of factors causing inflammations) and a very active antioxidant.
  • HEMENTYNA is a fibrinolytic enzyme able to prevent blood coagulation and to dissolve already existing blood clots.
  • DESTABILAZA is a ferment characterised by a strong anti-aggregation effect which causes dissolving clotted blood, which, in turn, opens new ways and possibilities for hirudotherapy. Destabilaza includes also a unique low molecular substance PROSTAGLANDIN (similar to PROSTACYCLIN). It maintains in a good condition (regenerates) blood vessels and the alimentary canal as well as regulates the level of sugar in blood. The most mysterious fact when it comes to prostaglandin is that it influences “auto regulation” of blood pressure. When the blood pressure is too low, it is raised and when it’s too high, it’s automatically lowered to the optimal level. This mechanism has not yet been sufficiently explained and it is still being scientifically researched.
  • HYALURONIDASE is a substance with a double effect. It’s a strong antibiotic and a factor enabling neighbouring cells and tissues to penetrate through cell membranes.
  • LIPASE AND ESTERASE are substances causing fat decomposition.
  • ANAESTHETIC SUBSTANCES- not yet well identified pain relieving factors. It has been assumed that pain relieving effect of these substances results from NEUROPEPTIDES, produced by leeches, which a human brain finds attractive. These neuropeptides include ENDORPHINES commonly known as THE HORMONES OF HAPPINESS. Apart from the pain relieving effect, these endorphins:
    - eliminate anxiety and euphoria as well as help to calm down,
    - eliminate mental and physiological addictions, increase tolerance, eliminate feeling bad, depression, nausea and other symptoms observed in patients addicted to drugs and alcohol.
  • ANTI- ELASTASE reduces the influence of elastase which degenerates skin elastin.
  • VASODILATION SUBSTANCES - organic compounds very similar to histamine, but not yet well identified.
  • NEUROTRANSMITTERS - biochemical compounds which regulate electrical impulse transmission in neuro cells. They include: dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and enkephalin. They have a big impact on lowering our perception of pain. Moreover, they influence the behaviour, helping to eliminate anxiety and depression, inducing sleep as well as triggering strong emotional and perceptive experiences but without behavioural stimulation, psychosis or paranoia caused by drugs such as LSD or amphetamine. What’s more, serotonin influences a proper body temperature and the sense of feeling. It has been discovered that mental illnesses, especially schizophrenia, can be caused by anomalies in a transmission of serotonin between neurones.
  • CHLORAMPHENICOL ANTIBIOTIC - possesses very strong antibacterial properties. It is produced by a specific bacteria which lives in symbiosis with the medicinal leech. In the past it was Aeromonas hydrophila (= Pseudomonas hirudinis) which was claimed to be the bacteria. This name is still used in specialist literature and many publications. However, having carried out state-of-art detailed genetic tests (biochemical tests and 16S RNA sequencing), it has been proved that Aeromonas veronii biovar sobria is the bacteria in question.
  • ANTINEOPLASTIC SUBSTANCES In the scientific experiments conducted on mice which had been infected with sarcoma T 241, malignant tumours development was stopped and even reversed after applying an extract from the salivary gland of the Haementeria ghilianii leech. Loeb and Fleisher were the first ones who, as early as in 1913, implied that leeches might posses antineoplastic properties, reporting their observations on mice in case of which the cancer retreated after applying the leech extract. The news was, however, ignored and soon forgotten. This substance or these substances haven’t been researched so far in spite of having such intriguing properties. Who knows what else is in there?

The medicinal properties of leeches include not only bloodletting, but also “injecting” healing substances to a human body.

Vibration Therapy

Everything is a medicine and everything is a poison - Paracelsus, a German doctor, alchemist and naturalist, claimed. A positive influence of micro vibrations on a human and animal body was known in medicine as early as in the Hippocrates times. At the turn of 21st century a famous Russian scientist, Nicolay Arinczyn, discovered that a man has a peripheral heart which is a muscle. The discovery revealed that a part of the muscle cells contract during a 24-hour period and the other part rest, creating a micro vibration background.

The influence of vibrations on a human body:
  • Stimulate a discharge of lymph from tissues
  • Transport immunology system cells through tissues
  • Utilise dead cells
  • Discharge stem cells from bone marrow to the circulation
  • Ensure blood circulation thanks to blood vessels valves

Deficit of micro vibrations, especially during sleeping, slows down body regeneration, hinders treatment processes and regeneration of vitality as well as lowers body resistance. There are many reasons of vibration deficit including, for example, oedema in the area of spine which leads to disorders in neural impulses transmission and to exhaustion of energy reserves.

The vibration therapy has a strong effect in case of significant changes in the circulation system, strengthens the circulation system, improves the circulation, enhances regeneration processes, increases effectiveness of internal organs functioning, provides cells with beneficial substances and enhances discharge of metabolism waste products from cells.

The therapy can be effectively used in the case of:
  • Lymphoedema of lower limbs
  • Bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis
  • Fractures, haematomas, oedemas, injuries
  • Urinary incontinence, cystitis
  • Burns, frostbites
  • Gouts
  • Arthropathy, arthritis
  • Back ache, radiculitis
  • hypertension
  • Blood supply disorders
  • Prostatitis
  • Insomnia
  • Losing weight
  • Rejuvenation
  • Other acute and chronic conditions.