Sanology (Sanus, [Latin]: Health + Logos, [ Greek]: Study) the science of physical energies and processes, their stimulation, and their reaction, and their use in maintaining the body’s health and fighting against disease. Sanology focuses on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. According to sanology proper lifestyle is determinant of our health.

The sanological method is non-traditional and does not utilize pharmaceuticals. We rather use the most effective natural, biological forms of treatment tailored to each patient’s condition. Sanology is not against to modern form of treatments, rather it is complementary to and used in parallel with such treatment. It seeks the best results attainable by combining both the most modern methods and millennia-old forms of treatment.

Sanology emphasizes that good health is the result of a state of equilibrium within the body and the body’s internal systems and processes. Additionally, good health is not just the absence of illness, but also of any symptoms and signs of potential illness in the future.

Sanology sees disease as the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, and that the main causes of illness are poor diet, harmful addictions, stress, and environmental toxins, among others.

Sanology does not view illness as defect in or attack on the body, but rather as the body’s attempt to repair itself and its effort to recover from unhealthy lifestyle choices in order to return to good health. During a transition state, in which the body is not yet sick but the body’s repair mechanism is malfunctioning, sanology seeks to return the body to its normal, healthy state through the appropriate treatment.

During this temporary period, the body is experiencing conditions that can eventually lead to more serious illness in the future if not treated.

Accordingly, your sanological specialist treats all aspects of the patient:
  • Preventive health care intended to:
  • prevent sickness,
  • prevent deterioration of health,
  • prevent relapse of prior sickness, and also:
  • treatment of common illnesses, chronic illnesses, diaseses caused by civilization,
  • health education (i.e., providing information about health maintenance).
  • Rejuvenate the body and to prevent premature aging (anti-aging therapy)

In our clinic we use only safe, non-invasive treatment methodsL as well as body rejuvenation.

Out of concern for our patients’ health we choose an individual treatment programme for every person. Cooperating with various scientific - research centres in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Russia and many others countries, we are able to choose the most appropriate treatment method, which results in achieving the best treatment effects.

We are one of very few clinics in Europe that connect preventive medicine with the latest achievements of medical science.

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